Chapter 5

Available from August 2–9

A deadly attack has left the Aumale community numb and grieving. Abigail, the most senior member of the community, orders Tilda and her friends, as well as the enigmatic Frida, to leave immediately. The Princess and her companions set out on their way to meet with Albaret, one of the few lords of the kingdom who didn’t betray her. Upon leaving the forest, Frida removes her veil and her dress, revealing that she is in fact a man. He leaves alone. Further into the peninsula, Poudevigne, Languille, and Little Paul, the three peasants, are the sole survivors on the farm they moved to after leaving the kingdom. All of their friends were massacred following their rebellion against yet another tax. Vaudémont’s troops are now marching on the city of Ohman to crush the peninsula insurgents. Among the procession, the queen mother and the young king are determined to reach their destination as soon as possible.